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Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
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Some people are just plain stubborn stupid.  Some are oblivious stupid.  Most have just gotten sloppy.  Like that article from Mrs. Freeman in another topic.  People who worked so hard and were so careful have gotten sloppy in either their own behavior or getting caught off guard by the behavior of others.  In my case, we have a caregiver come a couple times a week to do a little cleaning and to do exercises with my invalid wife.  For six weeks we didn't have her come.  In June she went and got tested and was negative so she started coming again sporadically.  The other day after she got here and was working with my wife that she and her husband had traveled to a city to meet another couple in a restaurant that was surprisingly crowded.  At this point, I said WHOA and we cut the visit short.   Many people who test negative then forget that the guy they pass in the hall on the way out of the testing area could sneeze on them and bingo.

My sister had to have a blood test the other day at the local hospital.  She said the waiting room was packed, she was the only one wearing a mask, and one guy was coughing his head off.  As I've mentioned I've been the only one wearing a mask in the local grocery and there are a dozen adults with their kids!  How do you risk your kids?

Older people like myself are saying, we can only hope for a vaccine because they Trumpers and morons and Teenagers are going to kill us otherwise.