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Re: St. Louis sucks
« on: June 03, 2011, 01:26:50 pm »
To be fair: the Cardinals use those tickets as give away's, cheap season seats, and specials.  For example: I will get several offers a year that I can go to a ballgame for $10 as part of a teacher appreciation.  Or my high school baseball team will be given 100 tickets to sell for $20 and if they do, they get to go on the field and play for an hour after the Cards' game.  And they get to keep the money. 

By cheap season tickets, I mean for around $1000 you can get those seats all season long.  At $50, that's a fourth of their value.  And if you have a special event and need tickets to sell at auction or give away, they are very generous, and it's usually these seats.

So the seats aren't spectacular, you're in the ballpark.

As much as I dislike the Cards, they do some smart things to endear their fans and supporters.