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Re: Today’s Game 2023
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K rates tend to stabilize at just over 100 PAs in a season. But, that’s regular season baseball. Spring training Ks at a FULL spring is about 50 PAs and generally against different sorts of pitching than regular season pitching. So, have to be VERY careful in inferring much.

I would call spring training Ks as more of “something to be aware of”——if something out of ordinary or continues/contradicts a trend from the previous season, especially late the previous season.

For example, last spring Bellinger had 17 Ks in his first 27 spring ABs. This year he has 5 Ks. Interesting. But, even in regular season have to careful about any 27 PA increment. Willie Mays famously started his career going 1-26 and did okay thereafter.