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Re: Today’s Game 2023
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Look, Madrigal is getting a shot at 3B in part because Cubs alternatives at 3B are putrid.

Wisdom is a .210 hitter with a 35% K rate and coming off a season with bad 3B defense.

Morel is a 34% K guy with poor 3B defense and who obviously needs at least 300-400 PAs at AAA.

Rios has a .892 career fielding % in minors as a 3B and is basically a DH.

McKinstry hit under the Mendoza line last season and is highly questionable whether makes the club in ANY role.

That leaves Madrigal. The alternatives are so unattractive that playing a dozen partial games at 3B in spring training has some folks convinced he’s answered successfully that he can play a position he’s never before played in his life.

Maybe he can. This is Baseball, so stuff happens. But, still a major question mark on defense accompanied by a second major question mark as to whether he can hit enough singles to make up for his almost total lack of power.

That is our 3B position. This is not the days of Kris Bryant or Aramis Ramirez or Ron Santo or Stan Hack.

Maybe Vance Law (if we get lucky).