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Re: Today’s Game 2023
« Reply #75 on: March 25, 2023, 01:17:12 am »
Assad struggling today.  Too much talk about his making the ML roster?

Assad got 10 swing and misses today on 54 pitches. Topped out at 96 on a pitch. Of 5 hits he allowed, two were bunt singles.

If that is considered “struggling,” then we’re in pretty good shape on the pitching side.

Will be interesting to see if Cubs send Assad to Iowa to work as a starter or stays opening day as a reliever.

Seems like Leiter Jr. has very good chance to make the club. Leiter’s hard sinker lately looks like it did 2nd half of last season, that is, really good. If Assad AND Leiter make the club, two guys from from Wick, Thompson, Rucker, Hughes won’t—because Fullmer, Boxberger, Alzolay, Merryweather all seem like locks.

Maybe Canario goes to 60-day to make room for Leiter?

Or, maybe Cubs do some other thing(s). Will be interesting.
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