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Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2017
« Last post by JR on Today at 10:21:08 am »
What a rule breaker.  Sounds like it's time to impeach CurtOne.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2017
« Last post by CurtOne on Today at 10:14:08 am »
Granderson is NOT on waivers.  Anyone can take him.  I took him last night illegally.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: Other Sports
« Last post by wmljohn on Today at 10:06:54 am »
Rule #1 in bar tending.  Don't over-serve.  You will be held liable.  I volunteer with an organization that raises money for kids sports by serving beer and alcohol at a concert venue in VA.  We have to take a "TIPS" course every year and this is a big issue.  The server is the sober one and has the better judgement.

You have the responsibility (not the right) to NOT serve a person.  If they look intoxicated to you then you cannot serve them more.  We deny them and inform Alcohol Compliance Officials and they watch them to make sure they do not go to another vendor.  If they do they are tossed out of the concert venue.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2017
« Last post by CurtOne on Today at 09:58:53 am »
Barnes on the DL.  I'll just drop him.  I have to drop Granderson.  He doesn't fit on my roster...thought he did.  Pick up Mercer and Tony Watson.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2017
« Last post by Ray on Today at 09:55:00 am »
I'm sure there's been plenty of years with 2, but I can't help but wonder if there has been 3 teams within 50 points of each other heading into august before.....a crazy year.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: BBFFL 2016
« Last post by wmljohn on Today at 08:16:59 am »
I'm going to try to get it paid for this weekend.  Waiting on a bonus check so the wifey doesn't see it coming out of the bill money account.  :)

Draft will be the Sunday night before Labor Day as always.  Keepers due one week before then.  I will set up the draft and game schedule this weekend as well.

Anyone know someone who wants to take the free team?
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: 2017 Chicago Bears
« Last post by dallasbear on Today at 08:05:37 am »

Nothing to see here folks move along...
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by Jes Beard on Today at 07:41:23 am »
The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

My comment did not suggest that the federal government lacks the authority, but authority to do something does not make it appropriate to do it.  Being appropriate and having authority are two different things.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2017
« Last post by waterbuffalo on Today at 06:42:25 am »
Legion puts Matz on dl, pick up Jason Hammel
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by Sportster on Today at 02:21:41 am »
It wasn't only operation chokepoint, but also them buying millions of rounds of ammo for whatever Federal outfit they could think of. I would love for the Trump Admin to locate all those millions and billions of rounds purchased that caused a huge ammo deficit. Wasn't long ago it was darned near impossible to find much of anything on the shelves.
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