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Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: On The Farm
« Last post by CurtOne on Today at 04:17:36 pm »
I agree.  Several of the current Cubs are decent but not MLB starter material.  They already dumped Hermosilla (sp).  Rivas and Quiznos, the sandwich guy, and a couple of the pitchers, are just not going to cut it.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2022
« Last post by JR on Today at 04:03:58 pm »
The Brats place Charlie Blackmon on the IL and sign Bryan De La Cruz to replace.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: On The Farm
« Last post by Reb on Today at 03:56:13 pm »
………It seems likely down the road that Davis and Canario will become redundant and a choice will need to be made.

Maybe, but think there could be a choice right now among young Cubs OFers, given the 40-man crunch.

Velazquez now seems like a less-promising version of Canario and a guy that has upside and some trade value. Would not be surprised to see Velazquez moved for a non-Rule 5 eligible prospect or to fill another need.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Around the NFL
« Last post by method on Today at 02:26:26 pm »
They just announced in about an hour ago that the Buccaneers will play at Raymond James in Tampa.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: Cubs in '22
« Last post by Ron on Today at 01:45:51 pm »
Some of the discussion around prioritizing the defensive strengths of catchers (Gomes or otherwise) in managing a game and working with pitchers , the question has been raised whether utilizing technology would affect that. I don't see how technology would have any effect on that talent.

My impression is that these skill consists of qualities like understanding specific batters' strength and weaknesses, even as they are manifested within a current game; understanding how to assist the pitcher not only in the pitcher's mechanics but very much in the mental side as well. And as the catcher has the unique perspective of seeing the entire field, the catcher can become in essence a field manager as well. Seems like these were specific roles that Ross played for example. Lester used to say that Ross knew how to get the best out of him, and Ross talked about knowing when to get in Lester's face and when not to. 

I would be interested in others here who are way more knowledgeable of the nuances of the game and of the role of catchers would address this.  Thanks in advance to anyone who does so.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: Cubs in '22
« Last post by CurtOne on Today at 01:09:36 pm »
Just spend 400M on Judge and you can punt a lot.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: The Sidelines
« Last post by dogstoothe on Today at 12:48:58 pm »
The Stones are so so good at the bridge.  They mastered that on Exile, but you can really see that at work here.  These boys are professionals.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: Cubs in '22
« Last post by craig on Today at 12:31:00 pm »
This has been a really helpful discussion, thanks!  Blue, that's really a good framework and is very persuasive.  If all of the good, smart, successful analytical teams have punted offense at catcher, that is really persuasive. 

Three tangent thoughts: 
1.  I wonder if it's easier to punt offence if you've got a good lineup?  Even with punting catcher, Yankees, Mets, and Houston still are among the top teams offensively.  Perhaps harder for teams whose offenses are lousy to commit to an auto-out? 
2.  Blue, Do you have any recall of when or a link or anything to where Sharma said the Cubs claim to quantify the value?  Podcast or athletic print article?  I'd be curious to see or read more about that? 
3.  I wonder if smart analytical punters will revise their analysis plan in future when pitch-framing goes away?  And as they better utilize PitchCom? 

You can tell I'm paranoid that the Cubs are always behind the curve.  Just when the Cubs finally catch up and appreciate the importance of catcher defense, is that when pitch-framing will cease to exist?  Just as the Cubs appreciate the value of "handling" and pitch-calling, is that when the smart teams will be doing a lot of that from the bench?  I don't know. 
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Around the NFL
« Last post by WshflThinking on Today at 12:02:52 pm »
If they move the KC v. Tampa Bay game to Minneapolis, I'm goin'...

From what i heard you will get your wish.  Maybe it all hinges on major damage to Tampa area. Quien sabe?
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: The Sidelines
« Last post by dogstoothe on Today at 11:36:50 am »
Found this one from 1971.  Keith hasn’t gotten his new teeth(e) yet.  I really like this one.

It sometimes cuts out half way with an ad, just wait the ad out to continue.
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