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Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: On The Farm
« Last post by Playtwo on Today at 11:30:33 am »
Is is possible that Canario or Davis starts in CF on opening day, 2023?  With Happ and Seiya in the corners, regular starts in the OF will likely be in CF only next year.  After that, there's the question of whether they will extend Happ (who is useful as a switch hitter and good defender).  Perhaps in 2024, PCA arrives to take over CF in which case the issue of OF LHedness would be less of a factor. It seems likely down the road that Davis and Canario will become redundant and a choice will need to be made.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: The Bleachers
« Last post by method on Today at 11:20:28 am »
Iím in carrollwood. Florida avenue brewing has good food and is not far from you. I need to go up that way to check on moms house anyway.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: Cubs in '22
« Last post by CUBluejays on Today at 10:21:00 am »
Almost feels like the role of C is being evaluated as part of the pitching development infrastructure, rather than a traditional position player role.

If the impact of a Gomes-type on our pitching infra is that significant, I can definitely understand the logic.

Not sure anyone here has the expertise or data to evaluate whether or not that's a reasonable strategic view.

Sharma has said that the Cubs feel very confident that they can put a value on the defense that catchers provide.  We don't have that type of data available to the public. 
OPS for catchers
Yankees .645
Houston .545
Mets .556
Cleveland .535
Rays .629

Take the Mets out and that is 4/5 heavily analytical teams that have punted offense at catcher.  I think we would all love to have a catcher that can hit and be a great catcher.  I don't think the Cubs would get rid of a young stud offensive catcher that is below average either.  I just don't think they want to pay a lot of money for a 30 year offensive catcher.

As far as Willson coming back, you can take what you wish from Sharma's reporting.  I think the two biggest clues to the Cubs interest in bringing back Willson is they haven't made him a contract offer in years and Willson saying he wants to be somewhere where he feels wanted. 

Could he end back with the Cubs sure, but it is looking like a really long shot that would require is market to implode. 
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: The Bleachers
« Last post by davep on Today at 09:52:48 am »
We were going to evacuate north but track shifted to ft Myers, so we sheltered in place. The bad part for us is just starting lots of power issues. I think the surges fried my ac.

Other then that we are doing well. Let me know how long you are here davep. We can grab lunch on Friday. Pretty sure we will be clear of the storm by 10am tomorrow.

Sounds good.  I don't know if there was much damage to my house at this point, but the storm surge probably didn't get high enough to reach it, and there are no trees near enough to fall on it.

What part of Tampa do you live in?  I am up in Wesely Chapel right now.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Around the NFL
« Last post by hibernationsuxs on Today at 08:43:20 am »
So far so good.  Two of my neighbor's had trees fall on their roosf and damage the houses.  Still way too much wind to get out and assess damage at my farms.

One buddy father-in-law call last night asking for help.  He is in his 70's and decided to stay in Fort Meyers.  He was using a mattress to stay above the water that flood his house 6' deep.  The guy should have evacuated when he could.  No rescue personal, let alone my buddy could get to him.

I think SW FL going to see a lot of damage.  My friend that lives in Mayaka City said 100+mph wind and he is good bit inland.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: 2022 Chicago Bears
« Last post by VJ on Today at 08:17:47 am »
I think the plug and play success of Justin Herbert obliterated any last sense of patience that fans have in the development of the QB.  If Dalton was healthy for 17 games , Nagy would have started him for all 17 games...or until he felt his job was in any danger.  I am as big a fan of JF1 as any.  But it is truly disturbing that he is actually worse now than he was last far.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: 2022 Chicago Bears
« Last post by Sportster on Today at 07:36:53 am »
Agree with Hiber. The successful and traditional way of bringing in a QB was to sit them and let them learn behind a seasoned vet. We don't have that unfortunately but it's still the best route to go....
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: 2022 Chicago Bears
« Last post by JeffH on Today at 07:23:23 am »
I really think they do these youngsters a disservice making them play right away.  If I were the Bears I would go back to the developing the young QB's for a couple of years on the bench.  Make sure they are ready before feeding them to the wolves.

I've actually wondered whether the way they are handling Fields is some sort of hybrid "sitting while playing" approach.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Around the NFL
« Last post by Grizzlybear34 on Today at 06:01:11 am »
Hiber - How you doing down there in Florida?  I can't recall other users in florida, our prayers are with you on the recovery.   Iused to live in Bradenton, and worked in Sarasota.  Lots of water and downed trees,
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Around the NFL
« Last post by Grizzlybear34 on Today at 05:59:14 am »
Minneapolis is certainly out of the path of Ian...
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