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Chicago Bears Forum / Re: 2023 NFL Draft
« Last post by boogie on Today at 07:05:48 am »
If Paris Johnson is there at 9, I am having a hard time not taking him.  But I do sort of like this mock:

The first week of the 2023 NFL off-season is behind us. As teams look to regroup and address their final needs before the draft, the Chicago Bears still remain at the top of the league in cap space. As of Monday morning, Over The Cap has the Bears with $41.4 million space (without officially accounting for Andrew Billings or D’Onta Foreman).

While it’s true that Chicago continues to “lead the league” in open cap space, the market is starting to dry up in key areas of need. The Bears currently have some big needs including right tackle, defensive end, defensive tackle and even cornerback going into this second wave. While the names aren't as big as others, there could be some under-the-radar depth signings coming.

Fans can expect the team to continue adding one-year deals over the coming weeks but barring any surprising cuts, the team’s current needs will remain that way until the draft in late April. With that in mind, let’s dive into a post-free agency mock draft that could help this team address some of its remaining holes as free agency goes on. Make sure to check back with the Bear Report for more offseason coverage.

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(Photo: Mark J Rebilas,
Trade 1: *Acquired in a trade the Carolina Panthers that sent No. 1 for No. 9, No. 61, a 2024 1st round pick, a 2025 2nd round pick, a wide receiver D.J. Moore*

Trade 2: *Bears send No. 9 to Houston Texans for No. 12 and No. 73*

Projecting trades at the back portion of the Top 10 is never easy but if the board falls the right way for the Bears, there could be an opportunity to move back once again and accumulate yet another pick for this year’s draft. In this scenario, Houston decides they want to come back up and take their top receiver (after trading away Brandon Cooks on Sunday).

For the Bears, this gives them an opportunity to flip the third-round pick acquired in this trade to move back up in the second round for a key defensive line addition (more on that later). I’ve run a few different mock drafts on multiple different platforms and each time, Broderick Jones remains available. This would be an ideal situation for Chicago. They land a top position of need and gain yet another pick on Day 2.

Jones is still a raw prospect but his size, power, and overall athleticism makes him a perfect scheme fit for the team’s wide zone scheme. The only real question is which side they’ll line him up on. I’d still prefer Paris Johnson Jr. in this situation (because I feel he’s a safer pick) but Jones’ ceiling is undeniable and he should be a Day 1 starter.

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Adetomiwa Adebawore (Photo: Patrick Gorski, USA TODAY Sports)
Trade: *Bears send No. 61 and 73 to the New Orleans Saints for No. 40*

Let me first start by saying I’m not in support of general manager Ryan Poles giving up any additional draft capital to move up in this draft. This team needs all the help they can get. With that being said, moves like this (coupled with their trade-down in the first round) are exceptions to this rule. Poles doesn't lose any of his original pick values but instead uses a minor trade-down in the opening round to supplement a much better player in the second.

The Bears need a starting three-technique. It’s really that simple. After opting to pass on the Top 3 options in free agency, this remains one of the team’s biggest needs heading into April’s draft. Adebawore is an athletic specimen who has drastically improved his stock since the Senior Bowl. He does have more experience as an edge rusher but he checks every box in what this defense looks for in a three-technique. While it’s true that his production has not matched his testing, this is the type of upside move this regime should be looking for. With Justin Jones still in the mix, the Bears can bring him along at a reasonable pace.

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(Photo: Big 12 Conference)
For the first time in this mock, the Bears will actually make a pick without trading away their original pick. This time, it’ll be for a third sizable position of need at edge rusher. Anudike-Uzomah came in at 6’3, 255 pounds at the combine, which makes him a better fit for the right defensive end in this scheme. The good news? Their free agent addition of DeMarcus Walker will fill the void they had on the left end due to his size. It’s still possible that the Bears will make a move in the coming days/weeks for another edge rusher (they absolutely should) but with how barren this current group appears, this pick will make sense no matter how the rest of free agency plays out.

The former Kansas State product needs work against the run but does have a nice complement of pass-rushing moves that should allow him to find success early in his career. He has adequate length and plays with a high motor. Although he does lack starting experience and is still somewhat unrefined as a complete edge player, this is the type of value you look for in the back half of the second round.

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(Photo: G Fiume, Getty)
Trenches, trenches, trenches, …and more trenches? You guessed it! For the fourth straight pick, the Bears are adding to the two weakest spots on their roster. Poles said he wanted to build his team through the draft and what better way to do that than to use your first four picks in the Top 64 to get that done?

For the final addition (for a while) on the offensive line, the Bears drink for the well of their starting quarterback’s Alma Mater and grab a stud center. For my money, Wypler was one of the better centers in college football this year. His work against Georgia’s revered defensive line was impressive. The Redshirt Sophomore will step into a situation where he doesn’t have to start right away but will have a fair chance to win the Week 1 job.

Wyper doesn’t have great length but he’s a technician with quality athletic traits. His ability to pull and get to the second level will be a great fit in the Bears’ scheme. He is a bit undersized but that should be quite as big of an issue considering who his guards are. Wypler does struggle with power from time to time but does possess a good base and proper hand usage. This is not the greatest center class but landing Wypler in the third round could be a big long-term win for the Bears.

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(Photo: USA TODAY Sports)
Trade: *Bears send No. 103 to the New England Patriots for No. 107 and No. 187*

Cornerback is yet another spot that the Bears could still target in free agency over the next few weeks. But right now, all we have to go off is what they still need. Cornerback might be their next biggest need. At worst, this group could use some depth. Enter Bennett.

Simply put, the Maryland product is a playmaker. He led the Power 5 in pass breaks (16) in 2021 and was named the Duke Mayo Bowl’s MVP for an interception and a pair of pass breakups. A lot of Bennett’s issues stem from scheme fit in my opinion. He would be better off as a primary zone corner, which makes him a great fit in Chicago. When he’s not expected to mirror a receiver’s every move, his instincts show more. Head coach Matt Eberflus talks about making plays on the ball and this is the type of player that does exactly that.

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(Photo: © Andrew Dieb, USA TODAY Sports)
Moro Ojomo isn’t a player that is going to wow you with athleticism or gaudy sack numbers. But he is a prospect that has good length and overall quality size. In all reality, the former Longhorn is likely more of a one-technique that can flex into the three at times. He’s a quality lineman, with plenty of experience and has the ability to disrupt the quarterback, as well as play the run.

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Charlie Jones (Photo: Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire, Getty)
For the first time in a while, it feels like the Bears have the makings of a strong receiver group. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t continue to add upside and that’s exactly what Jones brings in the fifth round. He doesn’t possess great size (5’11, 175 pounds) or a big catch radius but his 4.43 speed showed up many times on the field. Jones projects as a quality slot option that will do most of his damage against zone coverage. He also possesses enough burst to break some bigger plays. This is exactly the type of player the Bears should take and spend some time developing into a role player with upside for more down the road

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Kenny McIntosh
(Photo: Adam Hagy, Getty)
Trade: *Bears send No. 137 and No. 218 to the San Francisco 49ers for No. 155 and a 2024 fourth-round pick*

On Wednesday night, it was announced that former Bears running back David Montgomery was signing a three-year, $18 million deal with the Detroit Lions. Minutes later, Chicago added Travis Homer. On Friday, the Bears added another veteran in D’Onta Foreman. Some believe that this will be the group that will head into the season but with such a deep running back class, the Bears would be foolish not to take a swing.

McIntosh may never become a full-time lead back but he brings a lot of value to this current Bears roster. He’s a great pass catcher out of the backfield and provides a change of pace when it comes to a runner. Like most rookie running backs, he’s not expected to be stellar in pass protection but he’s a willing blocker and should only get better. In some ways, McIntosh is a limited runner but his strengths fit the Bears’ offense well.

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(Photo: Getty)
Much like running back, tight end is another group that is historically deep. Yes, the Bears did sign former Packer Robert Tonyan to a one-year deal last week but that should not stop them from adding more upside to the tight end position. Mallory’s combine was one to behold. He ran a 4.54 and came away with a 9.20 RAS. He’s not a great blocker but that can be developed over time. Mallory is more of an upside gamble but with his testing and pedigree, that should be worth a gamble in the sixth round.

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(Photo: Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports)
Sidy Sow is an athletic interior lineman with plenty of starting experience. The Canadian-born Sow tested off the charts with a 9.77 RAS, which could raise his overall floor at the NFL level. Consistency as a blocker remains a big question for him but he possesses good size, proper hand technique, and enough to work with to make him the final Bears pick on Day 3. Improved footwork and better recognition upfront will help him turn into a quality player.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by chifaninva on Today at 04:53:21 am »
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: Around Baseball
« Last post by Deeg on Today at 04:30:16 am »
Interesting they're going with Imanaga over Ohtani or Darvish, both of whom could pitch on normal rest.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by Sportster on Today at 02:01:09 am »
Has nothing to do with 'empathy'. Has everything to do with indoctrinating kids in things kids don't need to be indoctrinated in in school. Ignorant liberal bs like gender identity, how to read a book by Trans, how to confuse the H out of pronouns, stupid idiotic crap like that that liberals keep pushing in this Country.
Bleacher Bums Forum / Re: BBFL 2022
« Last post by CurtOne on March 20, 2023, 11:35:33 pm »
Some of you may have received the blurb from Fantrax regarding Ohtani.  It is now possible to split Ohtani into hitter Otani or pitcher Otani. Two separate players in the league.  Joe and I discussed our options and we decided that since our draft is over, we won't split them this year.  I own Ohtani and I will have the choice when it occurs of switching him from pitcher or player.  Next season, if he goes FA, you will have TWO Ohtani's to choose from in the draft.  If he stays with the Angels, I will have to declare which Ohtani I will keep and which I will release into the pool.  Can both Ohtani's be on the same team, yes, but it is unlikely.  Can pitcher Ohtani strike out batter Ohtani?  Wait and see.  We believe this is the fairest way to proceed. 
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by davebear on March 20, 2023, 10:48:32 pm »
You’re ghoulishly predictable.

A large majority of parents don’t want their children steered toward changing gender identity, and other woke agenda topics.  You look for stories of small groups of parents who may cross a line in behavior, although it’s pretty hard to tell what’s going on from your stories written by poorly educated woke 20 something’s.

You then imply the actions of 10 people represent the 40 million larger group.

Even a liberal should be able to see through that.
Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by otto105 on March 20, 2023, 10:32:27 pm »
Sure Sharpiedavie

Your shitt still maga stinks.

Whiny little cracker moms in coming years will wonder why their children leave and don't look back.

Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by otto105 on March 20, 2023, 10:26:51 pm »
More from the 'That biitch has to suffer because we're a christian taliban state now' crowd...

Idaho city’s only hospital blames anti-abortion laws as it ends obstetrical services

The Hill
Story by Olafimihan Oshin • 2h ago

The only hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho, has announced it will no longer provide obstetrical services, blaming stringent restrictions on reproductive care enacted by the state’s government.

“Without pediatrician coverage to manage neonatal resuscitations and perinatal care, it is unsafe and unethical to offer routine labor and delivery services,” Bonner General Health said in a statement.

The hospital said that the decision to remove obstetrical services was an “emotional and difficult” one, citing the loss of pediatrician coverage, changing demographics and the state’s recent laws surrounding abortion.

According to the Idaho Statesman, which first reported the change at Bonner General, Idaho has one of the most severe bans on abortion in the U.S., with state physicians facing felony charges and revocation of their licenses if they violate the law.

“Highly respected, talented physicians are leaving. Recruiting replacements will be extraordinarily difficult,” the hospital said in its news release. “In addition, the Idaho Legislature continues to introduce and pass bills that criminalize physicians for medical care nationally recognized as the standard of care. Consequences for Idaho Physicians providing the standard of care may include civil litigation and criminal prosecution, leading to jail time or fines.”

Let's hear it for higher matural morality rates in red states!!!

Chicago Bears Forum / Re: Politics, Religion, etc.
« Last post by davebear on March 20, 2023, 10:26:19 pm »
Just the kind of vague lacking in facts  isolated article sheep like Otto fall for.
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